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WOM Article from Bay Area Business Magazine

Here’s a link to an article in the Bay Area Business Magazine titled W.O.M.derful written by Michelle Bauer.

It’s a great article about Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) and getting your customers involved in your business / brand and spreading the word.

  Michelle Bauer is the CEO of Common Language and Co-Host of The CEO Lounge show.

(Disclosure:  WOMbeat! is a client of Common Language.  WOMbeat! is committed to being very open and transparent in the way we do business, so we make it a practice to disclose such things.)


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Independent’s Week

We learned something from our new association with the Tampa Independent Business Alliance (T.I.B.A.).  They, along with other chapters of the American Independent Business Alliance and other organizations are celebrating Independent’s Week this week.

Independent’s Week is a celebration of independent businesses across the country; but more importantly, a challenge to us all to remember the importance of independent businesses within our own communities.  As part of Independent’s Week, I encourage you to participate in the Indie Challenge to see how much of your purchasing for this week you can do with local independent businesses.

If you read recent WOMbeat! blog entry about “Why Shop Locally?”, you saw some awesome statistics regarding the economic impact local businesses have.  In short, local business ARE the economy.

As friends and users of WOMbeat!, I’d like to encourage all of you to patronize local businesses not only this week, but every week.

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WOMbeat! on the radio!

On June 28th, we had the opportunity to talk about WOMbeat! on the radio show The CEO Lounge.

If you were unable to catch the broadcast, you can listen to it via podcast by clicking here.  This will take you to the iTunes site where you can download it for free.

If you’re not an iTunes user, click here to download the .mp3 version. (size 3.4mb)

WOMbeat! was the last segment on the show which focused on social media.

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Why Shop Locally?

The title of this blog entry might sound strange coming from a web company, but it’s very important and something that is often not explained well.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs), particularly small businesses aren’t just an important part of the economy, they ARE the economy!

When we think of our own personal favorite businesses, the ones we’d recommend to our friends and family, chances are most of them are local businesses.  I know my favorite restaurants are!

I’d like to share some interesting information we’ve come across regarding small businesses and their impact and importance on the local economy. (Local wherever you are)

tiba We attended a breakfast by the Tampa Independent Business Alliance this morning, and they shared some fascinating information with us.  (These statistics are about the same in other markets too.)

When you spend money with local independent businesses, those dollars you spend stay in the local economy about 3 times longer than if you had spent them with a national / big box company.  

Those dollars spent with the local business are then spent paying local people, service providers, suppliers, etc.  On average, of the dollars spent at so-called big box stores, about 80% of those dollars leave the local market immediately. 

According to the US Small Business Administration, 

Small businesses:

  •     Represent 99.7% of all employer firms
  •     Employ half of all private sector employees
  •     Pay 44% of all private payroll
  •     Generate 60 to 80% of all new jobs annually
  •     Create more than 50% of non-farm, private GDP
  •     Employ 39% of high tech workers
  •     Make up 97% of all identified exporters
  •     Total approximately 23 million in the US, with roughly
  •     75% of the firms having no employees

In Tampa for example, 87% of Tampa companies employ fewer than 20 people.

My point is, when you’re recommending a business to a friend, you’re most likely going to recommend a local business.  It’s important to remember those businesses that not only drive our local economies, but also play an important role in defining our individual cities and towns.

That’s all for now.

Remember to tell your friends about WOMbeat!


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WOMbeat! launches in Tampa!

We are happy to say that the public beta version of WOMbeat! has finally launched.

The response has already been incredible with the number of users signing up just within the first 24 hours, and people are already adding favorite businesses and sharing them with their friends.

Thanks so much to everyone for you support and encouragement over these last few months as we have been building the site.

If you haven’t done so already, please log on to and join for free.  Also, invite your friends and start adding your favorite businesses.  Remember the more favorites you add, the better the search experience is for everyone.

Marc Mandt                Linda Olson

Co-Founder                Co-Founder

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